Crux Alliance Training

"Simple, Effective and Efficient"

Crux Alliance is a collaboration of independent compliance practitioners who have identified the need for a simple online, cost effective training, learning and testing platform that will assist Financial Service Providers ( FSP's), Key Individuals (KI's) Representatives(Reps) and staff in meeting their training obligations and also their Fit and Proper Status in a structured and effective manner.

The training is aligned with the specific training questions as set out in the FSB FAIS annual and bi annual reports. Current topics:

The subjects specifically identified are the following:

  1. FAIS - codes of conduct
  2. FICA - Rules, Rationale, understanding
  3. Debarment and dismissal.
  4. Conflict of interest
  5. Suspicious and unusual transactions
  6. Money laundering reporting officer duties
  7. Ethics
  8. TCF
  9. POPI

CPD is not a current requirement by the FSB but only by some professional organisations. When this is a requirement by the FSB this will be addressed.